Kleenex Freebie: Remembering the kids

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So this past week I was at Blissdom in Nashville and I received some amazing items from the sponsors. Like Hallmark “Read to Me book” which I was able to leave for my kids while I was on my trip. I would recommend leaving it for older kids the younger ones tend to make them mommy sick, because the recording is so clear the think mommy is in the book.   I am looking forward to purchasing “The guess how much I love you” book for my son since it was always a favorite in my home.

I also returned with a great Blue Bunny stuffed toy that was a hit with my daughter that I was able to give her upon my return,  The bunny was brought to school all week I will tell you their Ice cream cone is a hit with me, yummy and now they have mini cones so better for your waist line.

But the most wonderful simple surprise for the kids was the Kleenex package I mailed for the kids from Blissdom it arrived and the kids were ecstatic.  My son excited “Mommy we got little boxes in the mail can we open them.”  At the conference Kleenex allowed us to decorate the boxes put a special note inside.  My kids felt like I remembered them while I was away,  when the package arrived.

My kids thought the tissues were so cool.  The mailing package was a package inside a package.  They broke open the boxes, then the box and discover the tissues. Then the creativity started.  They decorated the inside of the mailing package.  Then my daughter used the tissue other shell to make a peri scope/holder. The played with them for hours, you think I never gave them a toy.  Then they blew their noses.

Best thing everything was recyclable.  Creative and fun check them out for cold/flu season fun. It would make a great treat for a kid stuck in the house.  Who knew tissues?

If you would like to share a box for free. Check out Kleenex Share the Softness

Post Written and Photos by Sherry Aikens  who blogs for  Babypop and Superexhausted

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