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Vera Sweeney, Featured Mom of the week

Mama’s Little Helper has a new weekly column called Featured Mom of the Week.  Each week we plan to post an interview with either an area mama, mom business owner or a mom blogger who will share a bit of her mothering tips and wisdom of how she makes her life work for her.  We welcome your feedback on this and would love for you to nominate yourself or a mom friend who you think would have an interesting “mama story” to share.  These interviews are just brief snapshots into these mamas’ lives, so they’re certainly are not complete.  We hope that you pick up a tip or just smile at hearing how another mom handles her life.

Our first featured mama of the week is Vera Sweeney, whose blog is Lady and the Blog.  There she writes about family, food, and fashion.  As the mother of two children, Natalie age 5 and Liam age 3, along with being a successful blogger and website owner, she is one busy mama!  Her other blog is I’m Not Obsessed, which is a family and work  friendly celebrity gossip blog. Vera is also the co-founder of Getting Gorgeous Events.

When asked about what she enjoys most as being a parent, Vera replied that her children keep her in the present.  ”It’s so easy to get caught up in work /life stress, but my children pull me out of that and bring me back to the moment. Sometimes I just watch them as they play together and realize how very lucky I am. I get to relive life all over again through their experiences.”  Every parent faces challenges when trying to do it all.  Vera mentioned that she expects too much of herself.  She said, “as a work-at-home mom, it’s almost impossible to do both jobs perfectly. There’s always something that ends up getting less of your attention. As someone who is VERY TYPE A, this is a struggle because I WANT to be able to do it all… and do it all at 100%. It took several years for me to accept that this will never be. So, recently I’ve pushed back a bit from work because in the end, I need to be available for my children and am lucky enough to have the opportunity to be so.”

As stated, Vera is a WAHM (work at home mom) which means she is always working! Vera and her husband run three websites: two of which she founded: I’m Not Obsessed and Lady and the Blog and one of which they recently acquired: Vera says, “I then have partners for 2 other properties: Getting Gorgeous Events and Gift Guide Girls. It’s a constant challenge to manage it all, but I am very lucky to be surrounded by such intelligent and hard working individuals. I would NOT be able to do it all alone.”  Vera stated that she shares childcare responsibilities with her husband . When she is working, he stays with the children and vice versa.

I asked Vera to describe some important life messages or values she teaches her children and how she implements them.  She said that the main message that she and her husband make “SURE” to pass along to their children regularly is that they are a family and they love one another. She said, “I cannot tolerate when the children fight. Sure, kids will be kids and when they get tired – it can be messy.  HOWEVER, when I see one of my children trying to hurt the other by saying mean things, we have an immediate sit down. I remind them that we are a team and that no matter what – they are best friends. Love is the most important lesson that a parent has to teach their children. If my kids grow up knowing how to love and how to respect one another as well as their peers, I will have done right by them.”

In regards to teaching her children about perseverance,  Vera commented that she makes sure to be encouraging when her children are having difficulty with something, and won’t just do it for them, despite that being hard to do. “Sometimes I just want to rip that pen right out of my daughter’s hand and do her homework for her, but in the end that doesn’t really help, does it?  We applaud their efforts and continue to work on tasks they have trouble with,” said Vera.

Playing board games together is a favorite family activity in the Sweeney home. Since Liam is 3, their options are limited at this moment.  ”However, we still sit down and have game night whenever we can. Even if that means that we end up playing the same 4 games over and over again. LOL!”

I asked Vera to share her favorite family recipe with Mama’s Little Helper readers.  She sent me a link for this yummy sounding dish, Summer Pasta, her favorite meal that she makes often.  Vera enjoys cooking and regularly posts her recipes online for viewers to print at her Inside the Kitchen part of her blog.  Check it out for some new recipes for your family.

And what tip would Vera give new parents about what she wished she knew before she had kids? “I would tell new parents to enjoy every moment of infancy. With Natalie, I would just try to get her to stop crying, eat her food and go to sleep. I was so overwhelmed and I just couldn’t get used to the chaos. With Liam, I didn’t rush to do anything. If he cried, I wouldn’t panic. I would just soothe him and try to remember the moment because I knew when he grew up, he wouldn’t need me to “fix” it as much. I lived every moment like it was my last and I still do to this day.”

Vera can be found on Twitter and Facebook.  She remarked that she used to be obsessed with Twitter when it first came out, but as time goes on she has less time to spend online.  She does appreciate the benefits of social media for her websites.  Vera can be contacted via email at

Thank you, Vera, for sharing a bit of your life with Mama’s Little Helper readers!

If you know a mama who you would like to see featured on this weekly column, please either leave a comment below or send an email with details to or leave a message on mama’s contact page.



2 comments to Vera Sweeney, Featured Mom of the week

  • What an honor to be featured! Thank you so much for including me. :)

    • Thank you so much for honoring us with your interview. I know many moms will be able to relate to a lot of things you spoke about especially your homework story…lol. I too had a similar experience when I was first on social media. I was obsessed with it and needed to learn time management so other parts of my life didn’t suffer. Now, I think I have a better balance. It was a pleasure reading your article. Thank you :)

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