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Exploring the neighborhood playground: Masons Mill Park

Masons Mill Park, located at 3500 Masons Mill Road in Huntingdon Valley, Upper Moreland township, PA, is a public park that covers 76 acres of land in Montgomery County.  It includes a large playground area for kids with two modular play areas.  There is a fun ship, complete with slide, telescope and a plank to walk for kids to use their imaginations and play “pirates.” In the summer, near the ship playground, is a water spray pole that kids love to cool off under.  There is a larger play area with two different sized playground equipment sets.  The one area is for younger/smaller children and has a series of smaller slides, steps and ramps.  The larger play set has a “rock” wall, a variety of larger slides, ramps, a tunnel, a bridge, and monkey bars of different shapes.  It is designed for older children.  There are plenty of swings around the perimeter, including bucket swings for the smaller kids and babies.   The playground surface is covered in squishy rubber matting to provide a cushioned fall.  There always seems to be a great group of little one’s playing at this park, providing hours of fun!

Safety Town is fun for the smallest drivers!

Nearby the playground is the Safety Town Complex.  This fenced in area includes a miniature replication of many businesses in nearby Willow Grove with roads, traffic lights, and parking lots for tots to ride their tricycles and tiny bikes.  The buildings are made out of concrete blocks and are painted to look like the Upper Moreland Library, Abington Hospital, Willow Grove Park, Sam’s Market, Home Depot, Kremp Florist, to just name a few.  The buildings are arranged in clusters and connected by “streets” for little riders to drive on.  It’s also a great place for little kids to run around, as the fence has only one opening so kids are safe running around without worrying about them escaping!

Exploring Safety Town at Masons Mill Park in Upper Moreland

Masons Mill Park also includes a lighted basketball and volleyball courts, softball fields, baseball field, football field, 7 tennis courts, a fitness trail, wooded walking paths, an archery range, a fishing pond, horseshoes, picnic tables, grills, picnic pavilions, water fountains and restrooms.  There are benches situated around the park, as well.  When my son was an infant, this was the park I visited frequently to walk him in his stroller.  The lap around the park on the fitness trail was a great way to get outside for some exercise.  We have also used empty fields to play soccer or just to run off extra energy.  There is plenty of free parking.  During park hours there are park staff present.  During the summer, there is a township camp program that uses the playgrounds, but non-camp visitors are allowed too.

Picnic pavilions are available for rental, as is Safety Town, which would be a fun place to have a birthday party in warm weather.  Contact the township’s recreation department for details.

Free Concert Series at Masons Mill Park all summer long!

Summer brings a great FREE concert series, held on Sunday evenings at 6:30 at the Gazebo.  What a great way to relax listening to music and enjoying a nice summer evening.  Pack a picnic dinner to make it a great night out for your family.  Last summer we enjoyed a fun kids concert that had my son up and dancing with lots of other kids.  Be sure to get there early and bring a lawn chair or blanket.  This series begins on June 19th with The Mango Men, a Jimmy Buffet style group.  Check out the complete concert series here at the township’s website.

Summer Concert series at Masons Mill Park


Exploring the neighborhood playground series will feature area playgrounds that are free to the public to use.  We’ll try to cover a range of neighborhoods in Mama’s Little Helper territory, but it certainly will not be inclusive.  Feel free to send suggestions of playgrounds you’d like to see featured or your kids’ favorite playgrounds in a comment below or email

Photos courtesy of the author.

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