20 Ways to Reset your Day

My 5 year old is VERY strong-willed. There have been quite a few days lately where we have spent AN ENTIRE 16 HOUR DAY butting heads. I admit that I sometimes forget she isn’t the devil incarnate. On these days, my only glimpses of the sweet, sweet girl I gave birth to tend to come back right around 7:00pm; fresh out of the tub, she looks like an angel. Squeaky clean in her jammies, sitting on the couch waiting for some snuggle time with her mommy. This is when we normally “reset” and I tell myself (and her) that tomorrow will be a better day.

I was really happy to come across this list from The Pennington Point on Pinterest today. It helped me to remember that I don’t have to wait until the end of a long & trying day to make things “right” again. I have used a few of these on my own when the going has gotten tough, but there are some pretty fresh and amazing tips here that don’t take long to do to help you get your day back on track.

Full credit for this list goes to Lisa Pennington @ The Pennington Point.


20 Ways to Reset When Your Kids Are Having a Hard Day

1. Deep Breath

I call out, “Deep breath!” Then everyone stands up and we all take long, slow breaths while we raise our hands over our heads. Then we let the air out slowly while we lower our arms. The whole movement is very slow and purposeful. We might do that a few times, then go back to our regular day.

2. Jumping Jacks

We all stop what we are doing and do 20 jumping jacks. This is especially good when they seem to have extra energy and need to use it. It’s hilarious to see the littler ones trying to coordinate their arms and legs.

3. The Color Game

If its not raining I take a stack of construction paper (each piece a different color), some tape and some tacks (I used to leave these in a drawer by the front door) and take it all outside. I tack or tape a whole piece of the paper to trees, the car, a bush, the front door….making sure they are spread out but I can see all of the colors from my chair (that I have set in the middle of it all). Then I sit in the chair and gather all of the kids around me and I say, “Ready……RED!”

Then they have to find the red paper and run to it. Once they are all there I call out another color and we keep doing it until they are exhausted. Sometimes I modify the game by calling a kid’s name with a color. You can let the older ones go faster with this version.

4. Play Stations in the Kitchen

Fill the sink half full with water & utensils, fill a 9×13 pan with rice, another with straws, a plastic bowl with beans. Set it all on the kitchen counter (table, whatever) and set the timer for 5 minutes. They play at each station for only 5 minutes then they switch. You stay in the kitchen with them the whole time giving attention to their made up games. In 20 minutes it’s over.

5. Emergency Toys

I keep toys tucked high up in a closet for just such an occasion. Pull them out of the closet and set the timer for 30 minutes. Once the timer goes off….the toys get put away for at least a month. That’s the only way they will work the next time.

6. Play a Game

We’ll all sit and play something unbelievably dull, like Go Fish or a simple board game. Sometimes all they need is for you to stop and give them your full attention for 15 minutes.

7. Music

Music is a-MAZ-ing for this kind of problem. If I don’t have the time to play games or make pans of rice in the kitchen, I will turn on some fun kid music and we’ll all dance around to one song. Mommy dances too (and Daddy if he’s home). One song can reset everyone’s attitude.

8. Tear Paper

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