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Boy or Girl? The Gender Dilemma

After 3 years of trying, I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second child.  Needless to say, my husband and I are extremely thrilled!  I am so excited to finally complete my family.

Nowadays, when you discover you are expecting, there is always the question, should I find out the sex of my baby?   I found out with my first pregnancy that I was having my daughter.  And for me, it’s a no-brainer this time too.  Because of today’s advanced technology, expectant  parents are able to find out the sex of their babies and able to find out much sooner.  I feel lucky to live in a time and place where I have access to such medical miracles.   I am also a bit A type and have a family full of shoppers that DESPERATELY want to know.

Since I am 40, I need to have ultrasounds done every 4 weeks at my doctor’s office to make sure the baby is growing OK and that there are no complications.  Not happy to be categorized as “Advanced Maternal Age”, but super happy that I am going to get to see lots and lots of this baby.   On Monday, I had an ultrasound and asked the technician if it was too soon to find out the gender.  She did the necessary scans and then went back to take a look.  She told me that our baby is most likely a boy, but to wait until my 20 week ultrasound to confirm for sure.  She sent us home with THIS PICTURE:

Potty Shot 16 Weeks


This is a “Potty Shot” from the ultrasound at my perinatologist’s office.  It’s what you would see if there was a camera inside of the bowl.  Looks like boy parts, right?  It’s a “turtle head”..see it??  Start painting the room blue!

But then, I get a sinking feeling.  You hear all the time about ultrasound technicians being wrong about gender.  You hear the story from your neighbor that their cousin was told at 16 weeks it was a boy and then at 20 weeks told differently, that it must have been “swollen girl parts” and they were actually having a little princess!

So now my A type is kicking in with a vengeance.  It’s like dangling a dill pickle in front of me and telling me I can’t have it!   My personality can’t handle being told it “MIGHT BE” and to “WAIT 4 MORE WEEKS.”   I NEED TO KNOW NOW!  The sense of urgency I have to know for sure is crippling.

And then it hit me…..


Fetal Vision is an Ultrasound facility specializing in 3D/4D prenatal ultrasounds.  I had a 3D Ultrasound done there at 28 weeks when I was pregnant with my daughter and the entire experience was  incredible.   The place is really great at what they do….

Maybe they can help me out with this gender prediction dilemma??

I called TODAY and got an appointment – I will know for sure tonight what we are having!!

(How cool is that?)

Based on the shot above, anyone wanna take a guess what gender the baby is???


I will post tomorrow what the results were from Fetal Vision.


Mama Jenn


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