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Free Open to the Public Philadelphia Art Alliance Event

Free Open to the Public Philadelphia Art Alliance Event

Join Us at the PAA for an Afternoon Lecture by Featured Artist Christina P. Day

Philadelphia art alliance

Saturday, September 27 // 3:00 PM
**Free and Open to the Public**

For Christina P. Day, this fifth wall represents the physical divide between real and imagined, Philadelphia Art Alliance

The phrase fifth wall references a marketing campaign created by the interiors industry to encourage the addition of wallpaper to the ceiling in a home. It is the concealment of an overhead floor, a seal of interior facing walls- a fifth wall that creates a truly closed space. For Christina P. Day, this fifth wall represents the physical divide between real and imagined.

Day’s artwork practice considers spatial inversions of surface and place and ranges from object-based sculpture to site-specific architectural installation. Inside is handled as outside. What can be shut is held open through details and crafted resolve. Common interior surfaces and materials are re-assigned to associate with unlikely forms and objects. Patterns are superimposed on themselves, while repeated objects amplify their reality and awareness. Day’s sculptures envelope and elevate the ordinary.

# UPCOMING PROGRAMS at The Philadelphia Art Alliance

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 // 6:30 PM
Evening Lecture: Heather Ujiie
**Free and Open to the Public **
Presented in conjunction with Design Philadelphia

Heather Ujiie, Creation of the Unconscious, Philadelphia Art Alliance

Textile artist and designer Heather Ujiie incorporates many techniques–including hand painting, drawing, stitching, and printing with innovative large-format digital printing technology–to create immersive Utopian that she describes as ” a celebration of the unconscious.”

As a complete sensorial environment, the installation, both in content and process, will reflect her interests in biodiversity and the future of our environs. This is accomplished through the creation of a three dimensional fantastical landscape of hybrid animals and plant forms influenced by early botanical and anatomical illustrations from Renaissance and Baroque iconography, and by artists such as Piero Fornasetti and Jean Cocteau. This immersive experience consists of digitally created textile panels and mosiacs, upholstered furnishings, as well as one-of-a-kind garments.

Thursday, October 30 // 7:00 PM
**Free and Open to the Public **
Observation and Making: A Discussion Across Disciplines

Please join featured PAA artist Christina P. Day, photographer and Executive Director of the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Sarah Stolfa, and artist and writer Courtney Mandryk for a discussion on how various artistic disciplines can inform each others practices.

Thursday November 13, 2014 // 6:30 PM
Evening Lecture: Lauren Dombrowiak
**Free and Open to the Public **

Philadelphia Art Alliance, Lauren Dombrowiak creates entire environments out of household object

Heavily influenced by Victorian decorative motifs found in the home, Lauren Dombrowiak creates entire environments out of household objects such as dinnerware, mirrors and wood furnishings. Precariously balanced, the fragility of these sculptures-formed by combinations of items that were once functional-is rendered even more artificially decorative and ornamental in nature.

For An Edifice Spectrum, Dombrowiak presents two interrelated projects. The first project will consist of several large-scale sculptural towers of sourced porcelain dinnerware combined with oversized, hand cut wall stencils based on Victorian paisley motifs. As a counterpoint to this artificiality constructed landscape, Dombrowiak will create a more ethereal experience in a second gallery using much materials found in nature, lit from the interior, and paired with home decor and accessories.

The Philadelphia Art Alliance is located at 251 S. 18th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103.

For more information:

Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 11am-5pm; Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm

Admission: $5 for adults, $3 for students and seniors, free for members

*The Philadelphia Art Alliance is dedicated to the advancement and appreciation of innovative contemporary art with a focus on craft and design, and to inspiring dynamic interaction between audiences and artists.*

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