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Baby & Toddler Expo Blogger Breakfast & This Years Hottest Moms Day Gift!!

Blogger Breakfast at Baby & Toddler Expo

Was a Huge Success ~Offline & Online!

Mama’s Little Helper hosted a breakfast meet & greet for the Philly area mom bloggers before welcoming them into the Baby & Toddler Expo in Oaks PA on April 16th at 11am, along with Montgomery Media, Parent’s Express Magazine and The Baby & Toddler Expo During breakfast we had the chance to mingle with other Philadelphia Area Mom Bloggers that we knew, make new blogger connections from the area and get an introduction to the publisher of Montgomery Media, Betsy Wilson as well as our host, the Advertising Manager for Parents Express, John Bell. John was also my side kick for planning this event.

Philly Area Mom Blogger at Blogger Breakfast hosted by

Philly Social Media Moms at the Baby & Toddler Breakfast hosted by Mama's Little Helper(Photo courtesy of Andrea from

Kristen from Small Print donated gift cards and raffled off a fingerprint necklace to one of the Philly Social Media Moms that attended the blogger breakfast. The winning ticket belonged to Jen, publisher of The fingerprint necklace is one of this year’s hottest Moms Day Gifts. Happy Mother’s Day Jen!, you’ll be rocking a hot gift this year! Please call Kristin to claim your prize and design your Mom’s Day necklace.

Moms were crowding Kristen’s booth imagining their little one’s fingerprints embed in silver (see her site for all available choices). The small print products include, but are not limited to necklaces, bracelets/anklets & key chains. Love a particular piece of artwork or hand written phrase your child has lovingly created for you…turn it into jewelry.

mom mothers day

Just thinking about my little girl’s future artwork & her little words (her actual work, just shrunk down to fit) embedded in jewelry I can wear makes my heart melt. I’m imagining around the time my daughter turns 5, I will have some solid artwork she has done for her Mama and what every mom hopes for, lovingly written (read scribbled) “I Love Mommy” notes. The moment I have those in my hands, I will be on the phone with Kristen placing my order for a charm bracelet. I want to get her foot/hand print, a piece of her artwork, a sample of her handwriting and another fingerprint all individually created on charms to add to a bracelet. This bracelet, will be like no other in the world. This is a piece I can add to throughout the years. Anyone that knows me, is thinking…weird that Chrissy is even considering this, a charm bracelet because I’ve never been attracted to jewelry all that much, let alone a charm bracelet.  However, the thought of having all those little pieces wrapped around my wrist right there for me to look at and adore whenever my heart aches for my little lady is just priceless to this mom.

Future Gift Ideas for Grammy & Aunt Chele

Grammy would love fingerprints, footprints and/or hand prints of her 3 grandchildren on a necklace to show everyone and my sister would love to touch her children’s fingerprints while she is apart from them during her workday, especially on travel business trips that seem to be happening more and more lately.

As a single, divorcing mom, my daughter is away from me more often than I would like. I’m going to wear my necklace everyday that my daughter is not by my side.  When I rub her fingerprint, I will think of her and smile. I can’t wait until my piece is ready. I can actually close my eyes right now and just imagine feeling it and I feel my shoulders relax a bit…this Mother’s Day gift to myself is going to be a special Mother’s Day gift that will last me lots of years to come.

mom mothers day

My Daughter's Hand & Foot Print (Kristen will take these and embed them on a silver charm for me)

Make a mother day craft with this Mother’s Day Activity and you reap the reward of a kinda sorta homemade Mother’s Day Gift. Kristen will send you the paper and ink for the hand/feet and you can do those prints right at home.My daughter loved this part, but she also loves doing activities like these with Mama. Next, you need to get them back to her so she can shrink the image, clean it up and make them into jewelry, but when it comes to the fingerprint, she must see your child in person. Kristen came out to my house on Friday after the expo to do my daughter’s fingerprint. I ordered a silver teardrop shaped piece that hangs from a silver chain (you can choose from different lengths and style chains). One side will be my daughter’s sweet little footprint and the other side will be her tender little fingerprint. Then on the other tear drop I will have her fingerprint with the flip side having a special saying she calls me  all the time (which I’ll keep special by keeping between her and I <3).

Get started on your gift by emailing or calling Kristen today! She can be reached at 610-550-9119 or by email at Check the your options online at

~Bucks County~


The Little Treehouse Mommy/Daddy Blogger Day

TLT Mommy Blogger Invite Nov

FREE Mommy/Daddy Blogger Event @Peddler's Village 8-18

Mommy Blogger Event at Peddler’s Village is FULL!! Wow….thank you all so much for RSVPing. We are going to do another one in Sept for the Scarecrow Competition and it will be open to everyone who would like to attend! We simply can’t fit anymore bloggers, kiddos and friends into Sweet Lorraines…ha! 

Peddlers Village Blogger Event

Click Here to Download Invitation

FREE Mommy/Daddy Blogger Event

Giggleberry Fair and Sweet Lorraine’s Café

Peddler’s Village, Lahaska, PA

Wednesday, August 18, 10 a.m.


10 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Giggleberry Fair, Routes 202 & 263, Lahaska, PA 215-794-4047

Join us on Wednesday, August 18, for a Free Mommy/Daddy Blogger Event at Peddler’s Village! We will all meet at Giggleberry Fair to discover a world of fun for all ages! Kids and parents will be climbing Giggleberry Mountain, a four-story maze & obstacle course, then stretching their imaginations at our new interactive play zone, Giggles Discovers!, taking a twirl on the Grand Carousel and testing their skills at the green-rated arcade games in The Game Room!

12:00 p.m.  Meet the Merchants Stroll through Peddler’s Village!

As we stroll to lunch at Sweet Lorraine’s Café through the Peddler’s Village Main Green we will be greeted by Village merchants who will be handing out samples, goodies and coupons for their shops.

12:30 p.m. Lunch at Sweet Lorraine’s Café, Route 202 and Street Road, Lahaska, PA 215-794-4040

Enjoy a cold buffet lunch at Sweet Lorraine’s Café of Peddler’s Village. After lunch, feel free to return to play at Giggleberry Fair or explore the shops and attractions of Peddler’s Village.

RSVP to  by Friday, August 13 with name and guest name (you may bring one friend or family member), the number of children you are bringing & your blog URL. Every blogger in attendance will receive 2 Free Activity passes to give away on their blog.

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Peddler’s Village at

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Free Mommy Blogger Event at BounceU Horsham PA, 7/13 9:30am

Where – BounceU of Horsham
420 Babylon Rd Horsham Pa 19044
When– Tuesday July 13th  9:30am-12:00pm
Bring a friend and your kids and join us for this fun filled FREE event!
Kids will be bouncing in our giant indoor climate controlled stadiums. We will have guest appearances by our very own Princesses & Super Heroes! Enjoy food, face painting and our balloon artist.
RSVP to  by July 9th with name and guest name (you may bring a friend or family member), number of children you are bringing & blog URL. Every blogger in attendance will recieve 2 Free – 5 visit passes to give away on thier blog.

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