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Baby & Toddler Expo Blogger Breakfast & This Years Hottest Moms Day Gift!!

Blogger Breakfast at Baby & Toddler Expo

Was a Huge Success ~Offline & Online!

Mama’s Little Helper hosted a breakfast meet & greet for the Philly area mom bloggers before welcoming them into the Baby & Toddler Expo in Oaks PA on April 16th at 11am, along with Montgomery Media, Parent’s Express Magazine and The Baby & Toddler Expo During breakfast we had the chance to mingle with other Philadelphia Area Mom Bloggers that we knew, make new blogger connections from the area and get an introduction to the publisher of Montgomery Media, Betsy Wilson as well as our host, the Advertising Manager for Parents Express, John Bell. John was also my side kick for planning this event.

Philly Area Mom Blogger at Blogger Breakfast hosted by

Philly Social Media Moms at the Baby & Toddler Breakfast hosted by Mama's Little Helper(Photo courtesy of Andrea from

Kristen from Small Print donated gift cards and raffled off a fingerprint necklace to one of the Philly Social Media Moms that attended the blogger breakfast. The winning ticket belonged to Jen, publisher of The fingerprint necklace is one of this year’s hottest Moms Day Gifts. Happy Mother’s Day Jen!, you’ll be rocking a hot gift this year! Please call Kristin to claim your prize and design your Mom’s Day necklace.

Moms were crowding Kristen’s booth imagining their little one’s fingerprints embed in silver (see her site for all available choices). The small print products include, but are not limited to necklaces, bracelets/anklets & key chains. Love a particular piece of artwork or hand written phrase your child has lovingly created for you…turn it into jewelry.

mom mothers day

Just thinking about my little girl’s future artwork & her little words (her actual work, just shrunk down to fit) embedded in jewelry I can wear makes my heart melt. I’m imagining around the time my daughter turns 5, I will have some solid artwork she has done for her Mama and what every mom hopes for, lovingly written (read scribbled) “I Love Mommy” notes. The moment I have those in my hands, I will be on the phone with Kristen placing my order for a charm bracelet. I want to get her foot/hand print, a piece of her artwork, a sample of her handwriting and another fingerprint all individually created on charms to add to a bracelet. This bracelet, will be like no other in the world. This is a piece I can add to throughout the years. Anyone that knows me, is thinking…weird that Chrissy is even considering this, a charm bracelet because I’ve never been attracted to jewelry all that much, let alone a charm bracelet.  However, the thought of having all those little pieces wrapped around my wrist right there for me to look at and adore whenever my heart aches for my little lady is just priceless to this mom.

Future Gift Ideas for Grammy & Aunt Chele

Grammy would love fingerprints, footprints and/or hand prints of her 3 grandchildren on a necklace to show everyone and my sister would love to touch her children’s fingerprints while she is apart from them during her workday, especially on travel business trips that seem to be happening more and more lately.

As a single, divorcing mom, my daughter is away from me more often than I would like. I’m going to wear my necklace everyday that my daughter is not by my side.  When I rub her fingerprint, I will think of her and smile. I can’t wait until my piece is ready. I can actually close my eyes right now and just imagine feeling it and I feel my shoulders relax a bit…this Mother’s Day gift to myself is going to be a special Mother’s Day gift that will last me lots of years to come.

mom mothers day

My Daughter's Hand & Foot Print (Kristen will take these and embed them on a silver charm for me)

Make a mother day craft with this Mother’s Day Activity and you reap the reward of a kinda sorta homemade Mother’s Day Gift. Kristen will send you the paper and ink for the hand/feet and you can do those prints right at home.My daughter loved this part, but she also loves doing activities like these with Mama. Next, you need to get them back to her so she can shrink the image, clean it up and make them into jewelry, but when it comes to the fingerprint, she must see your child in person. Kristen came out to my house on Friday after the expo to do my daughter’s fingerprint. I ordered a silver teardrop shaped piece that hangs from a silver chain (you can choose from different lengths and style chains). One side will be my daughter’s sweet little footprint and the other side will be her tender little fingerprint. Then on the other tear drop I will have her fingerprint with the flip side having a special saying she calls me  all the time (which I’ll keep special by keeping between her and I <3).

Get started on your gift by emailing or calling Kristen today! She can be reached at 610-550-9119 or by email at Check the your options online at

~Bucks County~


Photo Desk Calendar is the new Photo Wall Calendar This Holiday Season!

Since my daughter’s first Christmas I’ve been designing photo desk calendars with VistaPrint instead of the traditional wall calendars that most of my family and friends design and hand out to family as holiday gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the wall calendar my sister makes every year full of pictures of my niece and nephew. That’s just the issue, my sister already gives out a photo wall calendar, so what am I to do? Should I give them another wall calendar, so they have 2 to display? Nah, that’s silly, so I gave it more thought…why not a desk calendar. It’s small and actually cheaper than the wall calendar. As of right now, Vista Print doesn’t have a lot of options as far as different themes for the desk calendars if you are trying to change the theme with the seasons. If you don’t mind the same theme on every page of the calendar, then you have a decent selection. The only real advantage of the wall calendar, in my opinion, is the unlimited choices for themes and layouts. As for the desk calendar, I’ve been stuck with the same design and layout since I started making the calendars in 2008, but that’s ok. I still love the idea and I know the choices will catch up to that of the wall calendar, especially as more people start thinking of the photo desk calendar as an alternative to the photo wall calendar. Here is the link to the seasonal photo desk calendar I’ve chosen to use since 2008. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll switch it up and use the same theme on every page or they will have more seasonal choices available.

Do you have a Superhero Kid? Gift idea and giveaway!

Superhero capes and masks

Local mom, Sherry Aikens, is the genius behind BabyPop Designs.  She has been dressing little (and big) superheroes in capes, masks, gloves, and tees for the past six years.  Her kids capes have been hits on the playgrounds, backyards and birthday parties all over.  She graduated from Philadelphia University with a degree in Fashion Design and worked in the apparel industry for 16 years before deciding to stay home with her kids.  BabyPop Designs was born when she was looking for a creative outlet that would allow her to use her design skills, be a stay at home mom, and tap into items her kids could enjoy.

Does your kid want to have a superhero costume for playtime or dress up?  Do you have a few kids you need to purchase inexpensive yet well made gifts for the holidays?  Check out BabyPop Designs’ cool kids capes and masks.  Capes can be ordered in an array of colors with different shields and then personalized with the kid’s initial.  If you have a princess instead of a superhero, you can also order beautiful princess capes sets, complete with crowns.

I have ordered several capes and masks from BabyPop Designs over the years and have loved the response I’ve received from the recipients.  These superhero costumes make perfect gifts for kids ages two and older.  Starting at just $16, the BabyPop Super Cape is 22” long from center back neck to bottom and is made of premium satin and eco-friendly felt letters.  The felt that is used for the shields and letters is made from recycled soda bottles!  For safety, the neck closure uses Velcro, so the cape is easy to put on and take off.

Adult superhero costumes can also be ordered, for your favorite Super Mom or Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, or teacher.  Wouldn’t that be a fun teacher gift?!

If ordering for this holiday season, please check the website for details of order deadlines to insure that you receive your capes in time.  Currently the last day for Christmas orders is December 10.  Orders placed after that will be shipped in January.

Sherry of BabyPop Designs has generously offered one Mama’s Little Helper reader a personalized superhero cape and mask.  The winner will be able to choose the cape and mask color, the shield design and the letter.  To enter this giveaway, please visit BabyPop Designs website and leave a comment of what shield design you like best.  For additional entries, follow BabyPop on Twitter and “like” BabyPop on Facebook.  Please leave a comment for each action.  This contest will end on December 9, 2010 at 11:00pm EST.  The winner will be contacted via email. The delivery of this prize is the responsibility of BabyPop Designs.  Good Luck!

Personalized superhero capes

CONGRATULATIONS to Kerri!  Your comment was selected as the winner by  Look out for an email!!

Mama Diane

The Little Treehouse Coupon

The Little Treehouse

The Little Treehouse Has a Gift For You!

Registration for our Winter session of classes has begun! Sign up before November 14th and receive your choice of the following coupons: $40 gift cert or 40% off.
Register for tumbling, music, art or yoga and your little ones will enjoy weeks of indoor fun, out from the cold. Plus, get a start on your holiday shopping – it’s our gift to you!

Little Treehouse Coupon

The Little Treehouse

10 W. Gravers Lane

Chestnut Hill, PA 19118


WrapADoodle & BurpADoodle Giveaway July 1-6

Congrats to Janel…you won! Email sent to you :)


Innovation meets tradition with the unique patented WrapADoodle Swaddle Blanket, invented by local mother and artist Victoria O’Neill.

Babies all over the world love to be held, and the WrapADoodle is the blanket that holds your baby! So easy to use. No buttons, velcro, snaps, winding the fabric round and round, or complicated directions. Simply tuck the baby into the cozy pocket and tie for an instant and adorable swaddle. WrapADoodles are handmade in Chester County by SAHM (Sew at Home Moms) using beautiful contrasting 100% cotton flannels, providing secure stylish comfort for NB through 4 months. The best baby shower gift ever.”


What to do to enter this contest: Go to the WrapADoodle website, click on WrapADoodle Swaddle Blankets and pick out the fabric swatch you want for a WrapADoodle and matching BurpADoodle burpcloth, post that choice to this blog. You may enter more than once by doing any or all of the following (optional):

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You can also Retweet on Twitter & Share Mama’s post on Facebook for 2 additional entries! Giveaway June 17-22nd

The Mom Made Shop

The Mom Made Shop is a website dedicated to helping
mom owned businesses promote their companies. Every company featured
on the site is a mom run business. There is also a consultant corner
for moms who are consultants for various businesses as well as a
resource center with great info, tips, recipes and more!

A new feature that they’re launching with this giveaway is “The Mom Made
Basket.” Working with the moms on the site, they have created a mom
made basket that features products made by the moms on the site – and
also some great products that the mom consultants have as well.

The Mom Made Basket (value $100) that we’re giving away features goodies and coupons
from the following mom owned businesses:

We Craft For You
- 60 second virtual card
Tutu Moms
- Multi-colored pastel tutu. Size 2T-4T
Bella Mia Bows and Things
- 3″ multi-colored korker on an alligator clip
- set of 4 mini “have a great day” cards with owls measuring 4.25″ x 2.5″
- 3/4″ Black and White Damask Fabric Covered Headband
Invitation Gallery
- $25 off the regular price of any invitation or stationary purchase of $100 or more
Healthy Coffee & More
- Samples of Organic Green Tea, Gourmet Latte, and Gourmet Black Coffee

How to enter this contest:

For each of the things you do below, it will be one entry into this contest. You have the ability to get 8 entries total. After you have completed what you like, please post to this blog post stating what you have done. Thanks & Good Luck!

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BabybDesigns Giveaway, June 10-15

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Enter to win a $25.00 gift card to babyBdesigns sells custom announcements, invitations, thank you cards and holiday cards. BabyBdesigns is a personalized service and they want you to be absolutely thrilled with your purchase. Their main mission in starting babyB is to be a source of relief for parents and an expression of each child’s unique style.

To enter this contest:
please go to BabyBdesigns and pick out what you would spend the gift card on, then go to this blog post and tell us your name and choice. 

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