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Grey Nun Academy Ignites Passion for Learning in Yardley PA

Igniting a Passion for Learning, Beginning with Preschool

Young children are famous for asking why. They have a need to know, to explore, to discover, to learn about the world around them. Grey Nun Academy knows that fostering the natural inquiring spirit of our youngest students, while encouraging their curiosity and insatiable need for answers is the key to igniting a passion for learning that will help them blossom into lifelong learners.

The youngest students at Grey Nun Academy – Pre-K3, Pre-K4 and Kindergarten – embark on a journey that engages them in age-appropriate learning individualized to their varied learning styles. Small classes provide the ideal environment for children to explore their potential, share ideas and investigate the world around them.

GNA offers half-day and full-day Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classes taught by experienced, caring teachers. The curriculum is based on a multi-sensory approach to learning, using inter-disciplinary themes and offers early introduction to music, art, movement, Spanish and technology. Making a transition from home to school is a new and exciting opportunity for young children. The Pre-K3 class at GNA is for children who are three on or before September 1st, and focuses on hands-on learning that allow them to, approach activities with imagination, and learn about friendships. Grey Nun’s Pre-K4, for students who are four on or before September 1st, builds on the activities the younger students enjoy as they also begin to develop the skills that allow them to be successful in Kindergarten, and beyond. The Pre-K4 curriculum includes Reading Readiness, Math Readiness, Oral Language Development, Motor Coordination Development, Social and Emotional Development, and Physical Development.

As a community committed to providing strong academics, a nurturing environment and unsurpassed education, Grey Nun Academy prides itself on providing a warm, friendly, fun and interesting full-day Kindergarten for students who are 5 on or before September 1st. Grey Nun strives to meet the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the students in an encouraging atmosphere. The students are encouraged to wonder, to seek answers, to question and be curious while exploring their environment. This is integral to igniting their passion for learning, and is evident throughout the Kindergarten curriculum. Children are immersed in a language-rich environment, where they actively participate in a wide variety of multi-sensory language and literacy situations, and experience natural learning opportunities that develop early reading and writing skills. The children begin their journey to become lifelong readers and learners as they develop an understanding of both spoken and written language. Hands-on activities in math allow students to develop thinking, reasoning and problem-solving strategies as they learn how to use math in real life.

Understanding that every child has unique gifts, possessing special abilities, interests, talents and approaches to learning, Grey Nun offers each student the tools they need to succeed.

For more information, visit, call for private tour or visit the school at 1750 Quarry Road in Yardley for an upcoming Open House: October 19th 12-2 PM, October 22nd 9-11 AM or November 5th 9-11 AM.

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