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Dr. Brown’s Bottles are THE BEST!

When I had my daughter six years ago, I researched almost every baby product before I bought it or registered for it.  I have to admit, I was a bit obsessed with scouring the internet and trying to find the best product for my money.

When my daughter was born, it was REALLY important to me to breastfeed.  I felt it was the best gift a mother could give her child.  But alas, she was a C-section baby that would never latch and I couldn’t keep up with pumping.  Since we needed to bottle feed, I was really worried about colic and gas and I wanted the best bottle for her I could find.  In my research, I came across Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles on the internet and bought some after reading all of the positive reviews. We used the bottles for a year and NEVER had a problem with gas , fussiness or colic.  I remember my mother in law saying that she wished Dr. Brown’s were around when she was raising my husband and his brothers.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® is the only baby bottle to feature an internal vent system that: helps preserve vitamins C, A, & E by minimizing oxidation of breastmilk and formula (read the nutrient study now); provides positive-pressure vacuum-free feeding similar to breastfeeding; and helps reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas by eliminating negative pressure and air bubbles. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® baby bottles are BPA-free and contain no PVC, lead or phthalates, and have received numerous design awards and acclaim from the medical community.  In fact, many of their bottles go to hospitals, NICUs, and doctor offices.

Fast forward to today (six years later) and I am again using Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles for my newborn son.   He was a NICU baby and I had some complications, so I was unable to breast feed him either.  I pumped for a bit, but then got mastitis, and just couldn’t handle the complications and boob pain on top of it.  So, needless to say, we are using the AWESOME Dr. Brown’s Bottles again!





Dr. Brown’s bottles have more parts then others, but the extra pieces are what make the bottle work so effectively so, it’s not ever been a bother to have the extra parts to clean.


Dr. Brown’s Bottle run about $5-$6 a piece and are worth EVERY penny!  They hold up well to hand and dish washing.  I have never had a problem with parts breaking or discoloring.   It seems like other bottles have bubbles that form at the top and you can never tell if your baby is sucking them down while they are eating or not.  I love the fact that with Dr. Brown’s bottles, you can actually see the “flat” formula in the bottle, and  you know with confidence that your little one is not taking in any extra air.

If you are looking for the Cadillac of bottles, this one is it!


(I was given Dr. Brown’s bottles to review, however, my testimony is honest and true.)



Featured Mama of the Week: Deidrea Haysel of Hot Mama Gowns

Deidrea Haysel is a busy mom who appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank

Mama’s Little Helper’s featured mama of this week is Deidrea Haysel from Hot Mama Gowns.  She is the mom to two children, a daughter age 5 and a son age 3.  Her kids love to play outdoors, especially swimming, climbing trees, bike riding and getting dirty!

Deidrea is currently a work at home mom, and she shared the following about her work history:  ”I will use the word “unfortunately” because it describes how I feel about the situation; unfortunately I was never able to be a SAHM; I’ve always had a career in the corporate world and the choices we made concerning our homes and lifestyle would not afford me to be a SAHM, I often said I wish I could have gone back to the days when I was making a small salary and we could have built our lives around just my husband’s income, but those days were long gone before we had children and we had created a life and had future plans that could not be sustained on a single income. Up until very recently I had always been a full-time employee working outside the home with the children going to a home daycare in our neighborhood and I worked on Hot Mama Gowns into the wee hours of the morning and on the weekends. Since my appearance on Shark Tank, I’ve been able to become a WAHM which fulfills me in more ways that I ever dreamed. I truly, TRULY feel, I am a better Mother, Wife, Sister, and Individual for this type of work/life balance! I still work into the wee hours of the morning but I’m able to utilize my babysitter on days when I need her and still have HOURS with the kids, something that was very limited when I was working full time outside the home. My professional career has been in the Pharmaceutical industry, as a Territory Manager for the last 7 years. I REALLY love what I do and the interactions I have with customers and I thrive on learning so much about different disease states and how certain products can truly change a patient’s life; I LOVED what I did!”

Deidrea mentioned appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank show.  She appeared on episode 205 of Shark Tank requesting $30,ooo for a 20% stake of her business, Hot Mama Gowns. While she did receive one offer, she chose to decline that offer.  If you’ve never heard about Hot Mama Gowns, they are a maternity and nursing gown that a mom to be can wear during labor, after and for nursing her new baby.  They are hospital/birth center friendly, as they have short sleeves for blood pressure cuffs, a full snapping back for easy access and tie front panels to aid with easy nursing.  Plus, they are made from organic cotton fabric in beautiful patterns and come in sizes small through XXL.  Check out Deidrea’s website for full details about her Hot Mama Gowns and her bio that shares her inspiration for her company or contact her via mail or email, , P.O. Box 667, Townsend, DE 19734, 302-376-5926.  

This Hot Mama uses social media to connect with her customers

When asked about her involvement with social media, Deidrea replied that she is “a HUGE believer and lover of social media! I Facebook, I tweet, I blog and I believe each of these tools is so important in growing your brand, growing and maintaining your customer base as well as creating good will for yourself and your brand. I believe the benefits of being engaged with your customers on an intimate, personal level, where the walls of “Big Business” are broken down are immeasurable and the impact it has on your business is long-lasting. And truly, I THOROUGHLY enjoy that interaction with my customers, I love hearing from them and being accessible to them! I LOVE meeting my Tweeple in real life and have had the pleasure on several occasions and plan to have lots more in the coming years! It is so amazing and fulfilling to meet someone face to face with whom you’ve had 140 character conversations over 2 years, it’s simply amazing, and I’m ALWAYS impressed by the authentic people I meet face to face!”  You can find Hot Mama Gowns on their Facebook page and on Twitter.

In regards to parenting, Deidrea mentioned that she works to teach her children to be thoughtful, kind, sharing individuals who think of others before themselves.  She enjoys seeing her 5 year old daughter be the sensitive person in a crowd and offer help when it’s needed without being prodded.  She mentioned that her 3 year old, while still learning, already has a giving, affectionate way about treating others, which makes his Mama proud!  In regards to parenting challenges, Deidrea has to be the disciplinarian five days a week due to her husband’s work schedule.  It’s hard to balance being a fun mom with being the strict mom who is working to develop respectful, thoughtful, and caring children.  Deidrea mentioned that she enjoys the fun and energy having kids brings. “It’s like I’m reliving my childhood all over again with the best playmates. Teaching them games I used to play as a kid and running and hiding and giggling with them, they make me feel ageless and energized.”

When asked what tip about parenting she would give a new parent, Deidrea replied, “there is no “right” way, and what works for someone might not work for you. Don’t worry about doing it “right” just do what feels right to you. You can’t go wrong when you are following your instincts and heart; this is your family and YOU have their best interests at heart and you don’t have to worry about answering to anyone!”

She also mentioned that some of the worst advice she heard as a new parent was regarding the pressure everyone puts on baby’s sleep, and sleeping thru the night. “Other parents wear it like a badge of honor “My Jill slept 8 hours last night”, “My John is already sleeping thru the night” as if this is the norm, when it ISN’T the norm; babies are individuals and should not be made to conform to what we WANT. Babies have needs and their bodies and brains are growing and changing so quickly in those first months; it’s more important to cater to THEM, than to make them conform to our lifestyle because it’s what we want. It’s more important to focus on what they NEED, than what we WANT. And your child WILL sleep thru the night; when they are ready!”

And finally, when asked what she does to de-stress and relax, Deidrea replied, “I just had to Google relax and de-stress; those words have been removed temporarily from my life!! Since most every moment of my life if filled with either kids or work, I have very little I can do to de-stress. What I do enjoy when I break away from the computer is watching DVR’d episodes of guilty pleasure reality TV (Real Housewives of NY, OC, NY, etc)!”

Deidrea Haysel from Hot Mama Gowns

Thank you Deidrea, for being Mama’s Little Helper’s featured mama of the week!

If you know a mom you would like to see featured here, email

Mama Diane


Do you have the cutest baby or toddler?

Cutest Baby & Toddler Photo Contest

Cutest Baby Contest
The Cutest Baby & Toddler Photo Contest, in which people can upload their child’s photos to be judged online, is open for entries now.  It’s easy to enter your most adorable photo of your little one.  Just find your favorite photo of your baby or toddler and upload it on the “Submit an Entry” page and you’re good to go!

Every approved submission will receive 2 tickets to the Baby and Toddler Expo April 16 & 17 at the Greater Philadelphia Area Expo Center in Oaks, PA.
Then get your friends and family to vote, view other entries and vote for your favorite. Voting will begin March 14, 2011.

Cutest Baby Contest

What can your cute baby win?

The winner will participate in a photography session with Montgomery Media’s professional photographer, and the winner’s photo will appear on the cover of an upcoming Parents Express issue.

Montgomery Media- Target Big, Target Small with 14 weekly newspapers: Public Spirit, Willow Grove Guide, Ambler Gazette, Springfield Sun, North Penn Life, Montgomery Life, Souderton Independent, Valley Item, Spring-Ford Reporter, The Globe, Times Chronicle, Glenside News, The Colonial, Perkasie News-Herald and Roxborough Review.

Parents Express-Celebrating 20 years as Philadelphia’s Monthly News Magazine for Families. Awarded 2010 Keystone Award as Best Specialty Publication by the Pennsylvania Newspapers Association

The Baby & Toddler Expo will be held on April 16 and 17th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.  It is there where the final judging takes place for the Cutest Baby & Toddler Photo Contest.

WrapADoodle & BurpADoodle Giveaway July 1-6

Congrats to Janel…you won! Email sent to you :)


Innovation meets tradition with the unique patented WrapADoodle Swaddle Blanket, invented by local mother and artist Victoria O’Neill.

Babies all over the world love to be held, and the WrapADoodle is the blanket that holds your baby! So easy to use. No buttons, velcro, snaps, winding the fabric round and round, or complicated directions. Simply tuck the baby into the cozy pocket and tie for an instant and adorable swaddle. WrapADoodles are handmade in Chester County by SAHM (Sew at Home Moms) using beautiful contrasting 100% cotton flannels, providing secure stylish comfort for NB through 4 months. The best baby shower gift ever.”


What to do to enter this contest: Go to the WrapADoodle website, click on WrapADoodle Swaddle Blankets and pick out the fabric swatch you want for a WrapADoodle and matching BurpADoodle burpcloth, post that choice to this blog. You may enter more than once by doing any or all of the following (optional):

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Dreaminkapparel Fabrics Contest-April 22nd-27th

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Dreaminkapparel Fabrics Contest-April 22nd-27th
Womens and Childrens Tees

Womens, Mens and Childrens T- shirts and assorted apparel…costum made purses, pants and accessories. Month by month increase in inventory, so there is always a varied selection of items. All illustrations by Aisling Coyle. Free-Lance Illustration Artist

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To enter this contest:
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Best Dressed For Less Kids Consignment Sale Contest

Congrats to Shannon M & Melissa M you are the winner of the passes to shop early at Best Dressed for Less this week! Check your email!

Want to shop the bargains at SJ’s LARGEST Kids Consignment Event before the sale opens to the public? Enter our contest to win one of 3 sets of two pre-sale passes (for you AND a friend) to shop the PRIVATE pre-sale of @ Best Dressed for Less, A Semi-Annual Kids Consignment Sale (NJ) Thursday March 18th from 6-9pm. This event is located in Burlington NJ just minutes from PA!

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