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Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Our Weekend in Lancaster!

A Ride on the Strasburg Railroad

Double Tree Hilton with all it’s electricity and amenities was just what this family needed after a long day of trains at the Strasburg Railroad, Choo Choo Barn & an unplugged stroll through the Amish Village. Spending the weekend in Lancaster County meant being taken back in time as we boarded a passenger train car for a ride on board the historic Strasburg Railroad, followed up with us being amazed as we gazed at the miniature Lancaster County model train display created to include scenes such as: the railroad we were just on and the amusement park we are going to see tomorrow, Dutch Wonderland.

Strasburg Railroad even has Thomas the Train

Lancaster scenes in Mini on Display at the Choo Choo Barn

Other cool scenes at the Choo Choo Barn included a man going potty standing at a urinal inside a train station (sorry, no photo included), one tip is to go around the display as you would normally walk around to view such a display. Then, go around again, this time squat down and view it on a child’s level. The worker at the front register gave me this tip when I checked in.

Al is the sweet, sweet man in my life, my significant other who also happens to work for UPS, so of course I couldn’t resist the photo of the mini UPS freight cargo train shipper at the Choo Choo Barn.  The barn didn’t keep my 3 year old’s attention quite like the railroad had earlier in the day or like Dutch Wonderland did the day after, but she hung in there long enough for Al & I to make one lap around the display.

UPS Train at Choo Choo Barn Display in Lancaster PA

A Day in the Life of the Amish Village

Today was a busy day, with lots crammed into one day! We made our way to the Amish Village once we left the barn. I’m not sure how the Amish women did and still don’t make more of an issue out of back breaking work they do without the current amenities we are all used to, such as strollers not being able to easily go in and out of stores and such. Although the village was very cool to see, it wasn’t very stroller friendly. Being a teacher, my favorite building was of course the school house. I use cast iron so my family doesn’t come in contact with nonstick pans. I saw one of my pans while strolling through the Amish Village in Lancaster PA.

Cast Iron Pans being used in the Amish Village in Lancaster PA

All in all…Lancaster County is a must this Summer vacation season. It took is a little over an hour to get there and was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend! It even has day trip worth for those of us lucky enough to live in driving distance!

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