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Acai Berry Juice Helps Mom With Arthritis Morning Stiffness

Lately Mama hasn’t been able to close my hands in the morning. It takes me about an hour of activity before my joints loosen up and I’m able to use them again (not pain free, but the body is moving a little better). Continue reading Acai Berry Juice Helps Mom With Arthritis Morning Stiffness

Chevy Traverse: Top 10 List for Mama's health challenges

Chevy Traverse: Top 10 Features That Help Mama’s Health Challenges

This list is in order with #1 being my favorite feature based on my health challenges and not on my favorite features of the Traverse in general.

10. Memory Seat & Mirror – With a push of a button my seat goes right back to the position I previously saved, thus saving my fingers from having to press/push buttons to find the right seating position every time someone else drives my car (I get family to drive me often because its easier on my body).

9. Power Seats & Mirrors - If Mama must change the seat position, which happens often because I reposition a lot to help with stiffness and pain, having power to adjust the seats as opposed to manual levers is easier on my stiff hands and fingers.

8. Blinker Switch - Just a light tap up on the blinker handle and the blinker remains on for a few seconds before turning itself off, saving Mama from feeling the pain of switching the blinker on/off.

7. Backup Camera – This features helps with Mama’s neck when trying to reverse and park (yup, I have RA in my neck too).

6. Information Center - Instead of having to check my tire pressure with a pressure gauge (which is super hard for me to keep pressed in the tire valve), I just hit the info button in my car and I get a reading of all 4 tires, the mileage left on the gas in tank, and the percentage of oil life left.

5. On Star – One thing with Fibromyalgia is the “figro fog” which means my short term memory is affected. One day I locked my keys in the car and remembered that I had a free trial of On Star, so I called them and within 10 min all the doors were unlocked. On Star will also send directions directly to the car’s Navigation System (GPS) or radio (if the car doesn’t have a NAV system). They will also help find services needed and act as a concierge making appointments/reservations.

4. Power Lift Gate - This feature opens and closes the trunk/hatch with a push of the button located on the hatch or on the key chain, which saves painful hands especially in the cold winter months when my hands are at their worst.

3. Heated/Air Conditioned Seats - The warmth of the heated seats soothes my body while driving. It’s like a built in heading pad. If I’m sweaty and hot, I can switch the seats to air conditioned mode.

2. Remote Starter – Start the car from the comfort of your home or anywhere warm and cozy. The defrost, heat, and seat warmer all come on keeping Mama from having to scrape windows and get cold.

1. Bluetooth – I’m not sure how I ever got by without Bluetooth. this feature saves my hands from having to hold the phone. Even when I’m not driving, I’ll stay in the car when parked just to make a phone call hands free and in quiet. With my hands free, I can take notes or look something up on the laptop. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bluetooth system for homes??

There you have it, my top 10 list of features that make driving a little easier for Mama! My hands and fingers as well as many other areas of my body are swollen, stiff and sometimes don’t open or close all the way. All the above features in this top 10 list help make driving less painful, especially on my hands and fingers. Having features such as a trunk release or remote starter may seem like a luxury to most people, but to someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia it helps with daily living. Some days are harder than others when it comes to using my fingers or any part of my body. Most times I do things, it’s with pain. Most friends and family only know I’m in pain when I tell them. I don’t mention my pain when I’m doing things like turning the blinker on/off or opening/closing the trunk of my car, but it’s there. I’m glad Chevy is making cars with features that help with daily life.

Today is my last day with the Traverse. I’m bummed that I have to give it back to Reedman Toll Chevy, Langhorne PA. My Malibu has similar features as it’s made by Chevy as well. I have a remote starter, blinker feature, heated seats (but no air condition option), trunk release (but no trunk close), Bluetooth, power seats/mirrors, OnStar (no NAV systems so directions are sent to the radio), and the Information Center. I’m missing the backup camera, air condition seat, trunk fasten & the seat/mirror memory…that’s not so bad.

Thanks for the ride Chevy! I really appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Philly Moms Time Out Program and I had a blast. Love the Traverse and I would consider buying it if I hadn’t just purchased a 2011 Malibu in September.

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