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Best Dressed For Less Kids Consignment Sale Contest

Congrats to Shannon M & Melissa M you are the winner of the passes to shop early at Best Dressed for Less this week! Check your email!

Want to shop the bargains at SJ’s LARGEST Kids Consignment Event before the sale opens to the public? Enter our contest to win one of 3 sets of two pre-sale passes (for you AND a friend) to shop the PRIVATE pre-sale of @ Best Dressed for Less, A Semi-Annual Kids Consignment Sale (NJ) Thursday March 18th from 6-9pm. This event is located in Burlington NJ just minutes from PA!

How to enter this contest:

1. Please comment on this blog post answering this question: Why do you love going to consignment sales?
Optional, but please do consider…

2. If you are on Facebook, please become a fan of Best Dressed for Less Facebook Page and Mama’s Little Helper Facebook Fan Page!
3. Twitter users please follow Mama’s Little Helper
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21 comments to Best Dressed For Less Contest starts March 11th

  • Heather Ludwig

    Why do I love going to consignment sales? I love it because it serves everyone in the community! It helps the parents who consign get a bit of the money that they spent back in their pocket. It allows other parents to shop and buy things for their kids at a reasonable price and keep a bit more money in their pocket. It is a wonderful opportunity for the community to get together as a community. It helps keep wonderful useable things out of landfills so that we are not hurting our environment. And it is really really FUN! What else can serve everyone in the community like that?

  • Carrie Rentz

    I love consignment sales because it gives me the opportunity to purchase things for my daughter that I cannot afford new. Plus at such a young age they wear things so briefly it is like new and half the cost! I am a bargain shopper and consignments help me. You would be amazed at all the goodies I have gotten at consignment sales!

  • Andrea Lopez

    I love shopping at consignment sales because it reminds me of when I was a little girl and my Mom and I would shop for bargains together. I want to pass onto my daughter that it is cool to bargain shop and find the best deals.

  • Denise Guinn

    Shopping at consignment sales is a great use of time for us busy Mom’s and families. It has been proven over the years that the items you see while shopping truly are gently used, clean, and of course – a great deal. The people running the sales devote so much of their time to keeping high standards for these sales and parents appreciate that effort. The sales are perfectly timed before a major season change when most kids needs to start from scratch with a new waredrobe. Sharing this event with the community has helped me to meet neighbors online and at the event. A big thank you to everyone involved!

  • Jeanette McVeigh

    I love shopping consigment sales because I can get great deals on clothes that my kids outgrow quickly while helping other families make some extra cash.
    I bring along lots of “I need this” lists and shop for other people too.
    Keep this going, please.

  • Kim

    I love consigning and shopping at sales because of the great value and I love the idea of recycling my childrens things that are still in great condition.

  • Kathleen

    Love to find clothes that are different from what department stores offer, and love to find toys that are finally reasonably priced! Those Little People toys are out of control at the store! Finally, you can learn what toys worked for other families.

  • Merritt McGlynn

    I love shopping consignment sales because I feel that buying gently used, like-new items is an opportunity to reduce my family’s consumption of new, manufactured goods while helping my fellow moms make a dollar or two (and they get to clean out their closets!). Children go through so many stages so fast – all the items that you had to have for your infant (swings, bouncy seats, jumpers, swaddle blankets, etc.) are put to the side for new toys, new clothes, and other items that will be outgrown just as fast. Consignment sales allow Moms to get things that they really need, for the season they need it, in one place, for a great deal. It’s the ultimate shopping triumph!

  • Melissa Michaluk

    Consignment sales are a great way to bring a wonderful community of parents together. It’s a win win situation for both the sellers and buyers! And of course if I’m going to spend money on things for my children it’s great to know I’m helping another parent out by putting some extra money in their pocket…while saving some money for myself. It’s also a perfect way to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle…a lesson for everyone! Consignment shopping is the best of everything and it’s fun!

  • Kristen Ostendorf

    I love consignment sales because of the great deals you can find! Also, because kids grow so fast, not only do you also get gently (or even unused items!) you don’t have to spend a fortune on something you will only use a short period of time before you pass it on to the next person.

  • Barb Angelini

    I love shopping at consignment sales because it’s a great way to get incredible on almost new or even new clothes. Small children outgrow their clothes and toys so quickly and this is an opportunity to get really good deals.

  • Keri

    I love consignment sales because there’s always exciting toys for little ones at a much more reasonable price then in stores. The variety of items are amaIng and there’s always something for everyone. It’s a great place for many people with growing hildren to sell items that their children have outgrown and otherS to purchase for their little ones to enjoy. What other place can one sell items at a reasonable price, make profit and sped the money on new items for their little ones? It’s a great cycle that keeps on giving time and time again.

  • lisa

    I love consignment sales because it helps reduce waste and keep our planet and our wallets healthy. Its also a great way to find gems in todays mass marketing frenzy. I saw clothing styles that were very unique and cost nothing last year. Can’t wait to shop and make my kids, myself and our planet happy. Not to mention those innovative ladies that pull this all together.

  • Debbie Irish

    I love consignment shopping because you can get great kids items at a fraction of the price. Since kids grow so fast, the clothing is still in very good condition…we’ve even found “new with tag” items. This will be my 3rd time at “Best dressed for Less” sale and it’s the only way to go! Found a new tuxedo and dress shoes for my grandson at the last sale for my daughters wedding…what a handsome little man he was!! I love that the sales coincide with the seasons. What a great opportunity the last sale was…stocked up with 3 jackets/snowsuit and boots!! This time, I’m stocking up on spring/summer. Always a fantastic bargain!!

  • Karen Sneed

    I like going to consignment events because you never know what you will find. I have found toys that were popular when I was a child and were able to purchase them in great condition for my daughter to play with and enjoy the way I did. I also love a good bargin, who doesn’t and with Best Dressed for Less you are supporting a great cause while shopping!

  • Abigail Cipriano

    Why do I love Consignment Sales? For many reasons, but I particularly love the Best Dressed for Less Consignment Sale because my son grows like a WEED! I love for all of us to look our best, and Best Dressed for Less makes it easy to do that for my 6 year old! Great clothes at even greater prices!

  • Shelly Raymaker

    I love shopping at Consignment Sales because the items are sold at a great price. My daughter is 4 1/2 and already in size 6/7. She outgrows clothes very fast and I can’t always afford new clothes which are hardly worn. Also, I love the discounted toys. My daughter likes everything from dinosaurs to barbies and changes her likes often. Currently toys can be very expensive and you can pay a fraction of the cost for something still in great condition. Thank you for having these sales!

  • Shannon Manigrasso

    I love shopping at consignment sales because in this economy a bargain isn’t just a nice surprise…it’s a necessity. Reusing items that someone else no longer needs is also a great way to reduce the amount of materials that wind up in our landfills…and every little bit helps :-)

  • Doreen Guilfoyle

    I love shopping at Consignment sales b/c it reduces our family’s carbon footprint! Honestly, why buy “new” when gently used is more affordable, better for the environment, allows the original purchasing family to recoup a bit of their original cash outlay AND keeps Stuff circulating! Sure, I bargain shop and buy new, too, but shopping at Consignment Sales makes me feel as if I’m really making a difference in my community. :) GREAT SALE at Best Dressed for Less! Thanks for all of your hard work, BDFL!

  • jennifer

    I love shopping at consignment sales so I can get what I want/need for the kids and save the leftover money for their college savings!

  • Daniella

    I love shopping at consignment sales because you can save so much money and it just makes sense, since kids outgrow things so quickly. The discounted toys are great too. There are some toys that I would not want to spend $40 or $50 on in the store, because they dont seem worth it, but for a few dollars, I’ll buy them.

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