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Using American Sign Language to communicate with your infant or toddler

Using American Sign Language to communicate with your infant or toddler

Signing With a Smile Classes

Have you ever watched your baby and wondered what she was thinking about? Have you ever wished your toddler could tell you what he wants instead of grunting and pointing? Have you ever wanted a system that could help with early literacy development? If so, I may be able to help!

At Signing Time, a popular phrase is “Babies crawl before they walk, and they sign before they talk.” You can see this when babies wave bye-bye or point before they can actually say “bye-bye” or “I want an apple.” It is never too soon to start signing with your baby! The earlier you start signing with your baby, the earlier you will see a response. Of course, every child is as different as a snowflake, so please keep that in mind when waiting for your baby to sign back.

I recently read an article at Signing Time that talked about a book published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The book mentions the use of baby sign language and how it is becoming a more common practice. I would encourage you to read this sign language article if you are interested.

Books can be a good way to teach your baby signs, but what if you could learn using a DVD that will allow your baby to see other kids from 0-3 years old signing? Signing Time has cute and catchy songs that your kids can sing in the car that won’t make you want to pull out your hair and might have you singing along. There are also adorable flash cards you could take with you to the doctor’s office, grocery store or especially use at home to play games with your toddler. You could even attend classes with other moms and have the support of a certified Signing Time Instructor.

There are classes in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and more! Classes are starting soon in Ardmore, Bryn Mawr and Mt Airy. Class materials are not required, but are great to use at home. You can even sign up to have 1 DVD sent per month to slowly build your library. Class members get an additional discount, so be sure to ask me for a code to shop online.

Your baby has so much to say, let him tell you now! You can check out my or email me at [email protected]

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