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Mama’s Question of the Week: What do you think of the end of the Kate plus 8 series?

This week mama had the rare chance to catch the finale episode of the TLC show Kate plus 8. I only knew that the show still existed and was ending because I was stuck waiting in the checkout line at Walmart earlier and “forced” to read tabloids to pass the time!  When I was pregnant in 2007, I was obsessed with Jon and Kate plus 8.  The kids were so cute, it was a novelty to see so many siblings at the same age together, they were a local family, and I was just amazed at how the parents managed such a large household.  I watched the show fairly regularly until the couple split up, and then I thought it was over.  I discovered that the show still existed, minus Jon, and was coming to an end, so when I found a repeat of the show on tv late at night I couldn’t resist watching.  It’s like a train wreck for me…just can’t turn away.  The kids were mostly still cute, albeit with some attitude!  The mom was beyond obnoxious, in my opinion.  I can’t say I’m surprised that the show was cancelled.  My wish for those kids is that they find out what normal life is and are happy as they mature.  Their parents seem to love them to pieces, despite all the distractions they incorporated in their lives.

Did you follow this family or watch the show?  What did you think of the whole Jon and Kate plus 8?  Please share your thoughts!

2 comments to Mama’s Question of the Week: What do you think of the end of the Kate plus 8 series?

  • Abby Cooper

    My kids and I used to enjoy watching this show and watching the kids grow up. Kate has gone a bit Hollywood but I also wonder how much of that was for the cameras and due to editing. Let’s face it, that’s what sells.

    I give her credit for being able to find a way to support her family, taking them on once in a lifetime, memory-making vacation and for keeping a spotless house. I only have 2 kids and at any given time, my house looks like a tornado went through it.

  • Amie

    I used to watch it, too! It used to make my life with two little ones feel so much more manageable!
    I got mad at the parents when the @#$% hit the fan and things got ugly, so I stopped watching.
    I did watch the finale. Like you, I just couldn’t help myself. I feel badly for those kids because I feel like their parents (especially Kate) have alienated so many of the adults that they loved and could look up to. I hope they can settle into “real life,” although it sounds as if Kate wants to be a TV personality. I wish the best for the children!

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