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Mama’s Question of the Week: What do you do with all that Halloween candy?

This week Mama is wondering about what to do with all that Halloween candy that was collected on Monday night.  My four year old counted his loot and in less than three blocks he managed to bring home 75 pieces of candy, many full sized bars!  One person even gave him a double full sized Three Musketeers bar: two full sized bars in one package!  He is so excited about that one!  For some reason, he hasn’t figured out that he could probably open the candy packages himself, so he asks me every time he wants to eat some.  I figure after a few days, with the candy bowl out of eye sight, he might forget about it.  Last year, he ate some for a few days and I tossed the rest.  This year I’m trying to decide what to do.  I saw a sign at the church where my son goes to preschool about collecting it, so I think I may take some of it there.

Bounce U has a program where this week (until November 4th)  you can bring in 2 pounds of your kid’s Halloween candy in exchange for a bounce session.  This is a great deal!  I have heard of some area dentists collect candy too.

What do you do with all of your kid’s candy?  Share your ideas and knowledge of any area donation programs here!

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