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Featured Mama of the Week: Erica of Mommy’s Fabulous

This week’s featured Mama of the week is Erica from the blog Mommy’s Fabulous.  Erica is the busy mom to a toddler and an infant.  She feels blessed to have a girl and a boy and remarked that they are done!  Eric is works at home full time currently.  She said, “Before last summer, I worked outside of the home full time. I am a writer/marketer/social media manager. I wear a lot of hats, but I primarily work in health care. Before I had my own company, I used to think, “Wow, my job would be so awesome if I could just hang out and talk to my friends all day.” And, with all the social media work I do, I feel like I am doing my dream job. I am really passionate about health care communications, social media and blogging. I love it all.”

Erica’s business is called Fabulous Communications. She was blogging at Mommy’s Fabulous prior to starting her business and wanted to tie in her business to her blog. On her website,, you’ll find information about her marketing and writing consultations that specializes in digital and print media marketing, social media management and content strategy for businesses and health care.

In discussing social media, Erica explained the following:

Way back in the day before “social media” there was this thing called “word of mouth.” It’s how you learned about businesses, brands, products and services. Today, we post questions on our walls, search resumes on LinkedIn and interact with brands on Twitter. It’s different, but it’s the same. Social media has helped small businesses find their voices, and has allowed customers and potential customers to explore a brand before they try – or maintain a relationship once they are connected. For me, social media has let me do what I do best- interact and promote with other people via conversations. That’s what I enjoy the most. My husband and I met online in 2004 – before the explosion of social media, but I would surmise we would have connected on Facebook if we met today.

Parenting presents many joys and challenges.  Erica enjoys teaching her children new things, and watching them interact with one another. She mentioned that her “absolute favorite thing about being a parent is never being able to go to the bathroom alone. Who knew I spent 32 years not knowing the joy of having company while I go to the bathroom?”  This is something that many moms seem to discover!  A challenge for Erica is having patience with her children.  She wants to encourage her daughter to do things for herself, but at times it is hard to not do them for her.  Her advice to new parents is to encourage them to develop patience, as each stage of parenting presents different tests of patience.  Whether it’s dealing with an infant that cannot communicate with you besides crying or a toddler who takes forever to complete minor tasks or a teen who needs to learn from their own mistakes, patience is a characteristic of parenting that repeats throughout the ages of development.

The best advice about parenting Erica was given was about sleep schedules.  She said, “I had no idea how important sleep was, and while sleep training was difficult in the beginning, the payoff is SO worth the trouble. “

Erica enjoys taking her kids out on the weekends.  As a family they visit Sesame Place, the Please Touch Museum, and the Philadelphia Zoo.  They also really enjoy visiting the boardwalk.  Erica and her daughter are also fans of crafts and Play Doh!  Erica said, “my toddler loves driving us crazy, playing with dog food, and running away from us in parking lots. Oh yes, this is a fun stage :) My 4-month-old currently enjoys sleeping through the night, smiling and batting at toys on his playmat. Obviously, he is the easier of the two.”

Erica mentioned that she “hates cooking but it is a necessary evil… or is it? Here is my favorite recipe.”  Erica has a great sense of humor!  To relax Erica enjoys editing home movies, as she is a video editor by trade.  “I haven’t had time to do it in a while, but I love editing them to music, and creating non-traditional “home movies” that we all like to watch. I also love to exercise – and to just zone with music and sweat in a Spinning class or running in the park.”

You can catch up with Erica on her website, on her Facebook page, or on Twitter!

Thanks so much Erica for being a featured mama of the week!




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