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Do you have a child with Reflux? Informative Medicine Magazine – How and Why Infants Vomit

My son’s Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Dr. Kelly, has put together an online magazine with informative information on all things Gastro related.  My son has some issues, and he has been instrumental in helping make sense of reflux and colic to this mama who is new to having a baby with these issues.

Informative Medicine Magazine is a monthly digital publication that will provide informative content about Pediatric Gastroenterology, common and uncommon ailments, diagnostics and procedures that correlate to this specialty. Current and future parents may find this magazine to be helpful and educational with regards to pediatric gastroenterology conditions.

Dr. Kelly is wonderful at explaining things in a way you will understand and you will walk away feeling knowledgeable and empowered about your child’s condition.

If you have an iPad and an iTunes account, you can check it out at That link will take you the iTunes Preview page. Then click on the View in iTunes button and that will take you into iTunes where you can download the App for free, then the magazine for $2.99.

It is DEFINITELY worth checking out if you have a baby or child with Gastro problems.


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