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What Kind of Muscle Does Mr.Clean Magic Muscle Really Have?

Mr.Clean Liquid Muscle Put to the Test in NJ

Will Mr. clean conquer century old grime in Lambertville New Jersey?

Everyone who knows me or has ever been in my car or home knows that I love to keep the spaces in my life clean and organized. Maybe that is because I have an unorganized mind, therefore I need to have an organized, clean environment to live.

I just started renting a home in Lambertville NJ at the end of July. Those that know Lambertville, know the place I’m renting is well over 100 hundred years old. So you can imagine the battle I am having with some of this century-old-grime. I’m ashamed to say over the last 7 months, some of this grime has won, even at the mercy of toothpicks, screwdrivers and all my usual hard-core cleaning staples I bring out when I’m cleaning a new home as my own (I told you, I have a serious problem with dirt, and an even more serious problem living with dirt and grime I didn’t create, such as century-old Lambertville grime).

My Mr. Clean blogger toolkit arrived, February 21, 2014 for me to begin my research for this sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean.

My task is easy, to use the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in my dirtiest of places or wherever I found it best worked, so I could report it here. They were kind enough to include a bucket and a sponge to go up against this Lambertville grime. My own personal goal and/or prayer is to find a miracle product that goes up against this century-old-grime and comes out a champion.

Here are my findings after a few weeks of working with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle:


Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle shined my bathroom back to new

Mr.Clean Liquid Muscle

Mr.Clean Liquid Muscle cleaned my tub, sink, walls and more getting rid of soap scum, grime and all dirt found in bathrooms wonderfully



And, saved the best for last….

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle made it so I could use my oven again

After a friend and I cooked the best fresh marinated chicken we found at Giant in New Hope PA, I couldn’t cook anything in my oven without smoke filling the kitchen due to me putting the chicken on a pan that didn’t have sides.

When that delicious chicken was done cooking, so was my oven until I got it clean with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.

Whoops! I’ve been out of practice cooking lately, so I forgot about the drippings of cooking vs. heating up prepared foods (where I can get away with using a flat pan).

Before Photos of the Smoking Mess in My Oven


Mr.Clean Liquid Muscle

Grime spilled over while cooking

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

Mr. Clean working is magic muscle in my oven

After Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle & I  Meet in My Oven

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

Wow! Mr.Clean Liquid Magic restored this oven to better than I got from my landlord.

Mr. Clean For Outdoor Furniture Cleaning this Spring

I’m sold on this product being everyone’s go to for inside and outside use. I’m excited I have more Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle left. I want to clean the outdoor furniture now that Spring is arriving in Bucks County PA and I can tell just from using it around the house, I wont have to scrub the patio furniture hard thanks to using Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.

PS the bottle has the coolest feature for when you are using it diluted in water for easier jobs. Squeeze once and the bottle delivers the perfect amount for the bucket of water.


Happy Spring Cleaning with Mr. Clean liquid Muscle!

I would love to hear what your favorite Spring Cleaning Products or Tips Are in the Comment Section Below?

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