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Mama's Disability Holds Me Back!

Mama’s Health Challenges

I have health challenges that I do a good job of hiding when I’m out and about on my so called “Good Days”. Most people would never know I have such pain and limitations. When I drop off of life’s radar most of my friends just think I’m out hanging with other friends, when I’m really home trying to get my body moving. I don’t like to feel sorry for myself and I know friends/family don’t want to hear about my illness every time they speak with me, so I keep quiet about it mostly. Most friends/family think they would be ok with hearing about it all the time, however I know it gets old and it’s a downer to hear someone complain all the time. The past month it’s been hard to be quiet about how I feel because my body is not my friend lately. I’ve missed playdates/classes, rescheduled coffees, bailed on events and haven’t stayed in touch with family/friends as much as I’m used to.

So, your first question is probably what’s wrong with Mama and for how long has she been this way? I remember as far back as elementary school when I missed many school days or came home early because I just didn’t feel well…I wasn’t sick with a cough or fever, yet my body hurt all over. My mom was skeptical, but always trusted in me….thanks to her being a super protective Italian Mommy she, mostly thinks with her heart when it came to her little ones. Once I was older, we got a diagnose that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis & (what is now called) Fibromyalgia. I have good days and bad days. The Fall is the worst time for my body….I think it’s the weather changes.

I would love to connect with other people out there in similar situations. What is your day like? How do you deal with your disability and taking care of your little ones?

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