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Win a FREE 3D/4D Ultrasound from Envision Within 7/29-8/3


Congrats Melissa!!! you won!! Enjoy Mama :)

Mommie Give-a-Way!
Envision Within

Envision Within
1355 Old York Road, Suite 101
Abington, PA, 19001

Jamila Sanders, owner of Envision Within, Fetal Imaging located in Abington PA where we service all expectant mothers and families for elective ultrasounds.

As a mother of three, I really wanted a 3d/4d ultrasound with my first baby, however in 2002 there weren’t many places that offered this service. So, with my second pregnancy, I was even more intrigued and determined to have the 3d/4d ultrasound done. With a little bit of research, my quest was fulfilled and I was able to find a location that performed the ultrasounds. Although, I had to travel far for this experience, I must say it was truly worth it. Unlike 2d images I was actually able to see realistic images of my baby before birth. I was so amazed by watching my little one in the womb. This experience allowed my husband and I to bond with our baby and put a name with a face. The images also created lasting memories for my extended family and were great additions to my baby’s scrapbook.

Words cannot describe how I felt when I got to see my baby for the first time. I wanted every mom, to experience this unforgettable bonding experience, like I did. So with my professional experience as an Registered Nurse and the desire to fill the need for a local 3d/4d facility within Philadelphia, I created Envision Within 3d/4d Fetal Imaging.

Enter to win a free 3D/4D Ultrasound Session and create memories of your pregnancy!

To enter this contest: Post to this blog post your EDD (estimated due date). If you would like extra entries, you may do any of the following and then post letting us know which you did. Good Luck!


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O'Boy Organic Baby Food (2 weeks supply) April 8th-13th

Congrats to Erin, you are the winner of the O’Boy Organic Baby Food Contest! We sent you an email. Enjoy!

O'Boy Organicswidth=

O’Boy Organic Baby Food Giveaway (2 weeks supply) April 8th-13th!

At O’Boy! Organic, it is our goal to change a parents perception of the foods they feed their children through education, interaction, and know how in a manner that is fun and exciting for mommies, daddies, and children alike. Feeding your children healthy, tasty, fresh, organic meals will help shape their tastes and nutritional values for life!

We offer services for parents and children that include:
Personal Baby Chef Services
Parent Cooking Classes
Kids Cooking Parties and Classes

To Enter This Contest Please:
Post to this blog post about what your babies favorite food is?
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Twitter: oboyorganic
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Newsletter Sign up: Go to and enter your name and email address

Trina O’Boyle
[email protected]

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Meg's Melodies Contest - FREE Musical Playdate March 18th-23rd

Congrats Lori B you are the winner of the Meg’s Melodies Playdate for your little one and friends! Enjoy Mama :D (I emailed you). New contest starts later tonight…stay tuned :D

Meg’s Melodies is offering a FREE musical playdate to the winner of this contest! All you have to do is post here: What’s your child’s favorite song or nursery rhyme? Contest runs March 18th-23rd, please click the buttons below this blog post and share with your friends! Spead the love parents! This contest is open to all of Bucks & Montgomery Counties. This contest will be good for 1 FREE musical playdate for your Little One(s) and some of their friends (min number of little ones 4, max 15).

Check out Meg’s awesome coupon she is offering you!

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Thanks for entering!

P.S. Meg has several FREE concerts coming up throughout our area. Check Mama’s Calendar for details!

Moms - GET A BETTER BODY BACK - Great article submitted by Brigitte

Thank you Brigitte from bwFitness…this is an inspirational article. I’m glad I can share this with other Moms! You are right..I always forget the simple fact that weightloss is nothing more than calories in vs. calories burned!

After giving birth, sometimes are bodies feel foreign to us. As our energy and efforts are poured into some other little precious body, we often ignore our own needs. This is normal, common, even expected. I remember catching myself in one of those funny concave mirrors at Giggleberry Mountain in Peddlers Village-the one that makes you look tall and skinny- and for a split second I forgot it was a distorted image, because it looked like the old me. What happened? Who is that person? Will I ever get my body back? Where do I start? Being in the Fitness Industry, I should have known better but I suddenly felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost in the excess 65lbs. sitting on my frame. That was my AHA moment, and the inevitable process of change began right then and there in Lahaska, PA.

Have you had your AHA moment? Lots of them? Do you ever wonder why it might be different this time?
Losing weight is not a mysterious process, despite the way it often feels. It’s a simple matter of burning more calories than you eat. But if we’re truly that simple, we wouldn’t be struggling with these issues. Burning calories happens when you move your body- whether it’s walking up a flight of stairs or speed walking. The more intense the activity, the more calories burned. Burning more calories on a daily basis will jumpstart your weight-loss plan. To lose weight and keep it off, small daily changes are required that eventually become part of your lifestyle.

What can you do today to burn some more calories? Pick one thing that is realistic, and plan on doing it each day this week. It can be as simple as walking to a destination instead of driving or doing an exercise video during naptime or speed walking during your daily stroll if you have young ones. Whatever you pick, make sure it is something that can be incorporated into your daily routine, so that it eventually becomes a normal part of your day. Overtime, these small daily changes will create a calorie deficit and will add up to some big results in your weight loss and fitness efforts. Registered & Protectedcopyright for video