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Building Bridges
Pennsbury Professional Center
201 Woolston Dr Suite #2C
Morrisville, PA 19067

Building Bridges was created by Remi Freeman, a licensed social worker, who has worked with our local autistic population for over 10 years of her career. By utilizing research and data, her own vast experience, as well as listening to the needs of parents, Remi has targeted a social skills program to aide these children. Social skills will be taught and practiced each week in a fun, play environment. Your children will enjoy coming to Building Bridges and will leave this program having made friends.

The ultimate goal of this program is for your child to walk away with at least one new friend; someone to look forward to seeing each week, talking to and playing with.

Building Bridges also concentrates on providing a networking system for parents while meeting the social and behavioral needs of the children in a friendly, fun “play” environment mediated by 2 ABA trained instructors. During the social skills sessions, parents will be offered the opportunity to meet each other, network and exchange list of resources..

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